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ARTIST STATEMENT: When I think about the show Couches, I think of comfort. From the soft, worn-in couches of various hues and patterns, to the pit of pillows stage front you can dive into, to the intention put into the cocktails, to the spicy and fragrant incense and oils being burned, Couches feels like home. Inspired by the show's ethos and the nostalgia of the plush, vintage sofas that beckon its patrons to sink in, I embarked on crafting a vintage couch pattern. The two flowers I used in the pattern resonate both personal and regional significance. The bird of paradise is a blossom cherished by my grandmother and is quite popular throughout the gardens of New Orleans, the birthplace of Couches. It carries the essence of familial warmth and cultural roots. Conversely, the anthurium, a universal symbol of hospitality, mirrors the values upheld by Couches in curating a space that goes beyond entertainment— it invites attendees to a sanctuary of comfort and fellowship. • Denisio Truitt, 2024